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Three-piece bedding set

Three-piece bedding set

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=Note: The pillowcase pattern is randomly cut in batches, not necessarily the same as the picture, please refer to the actual product.

When washing, the neutral detergent should be poured into the water of the washing machine. After the detergent is completely dissolved, put it into the bedding. The soaking time should not be too long. Soaking for too long during washing, excessively high water temperature, use of alkaline detergents, and incomplete dissolution of the detergent may cause unnecessary discoloration.

Wash light and dark products separately to avoid dyeing each other. After cleaning, put it in an outdoor ventilated place to hang and dry to avoid exposure, which will damage the fiber structure and shorten the service life. If you choose to use a dryer, it is recommended to use low temperature drying, the temperature should not exceed 35 ℃,

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