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Single double triple four seater sofa cover

Single double triple four seater sofa cover

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High-density fabric protects your sofa from unexpected stains.
Screen print technology used for strong color fastness.
Elastic fabric for easy application.
Bandage and sponge bar design offers perfect fit and non-slip grip.
Available in different colors and patterns design to match any interior.
Can be used at home, hotel or at special events.
Comes in 4 sizes, will fit different sofas and couches.
Totally machine washable.


Material: 92% ployester + 8% spandex 

Sofa length between 90-140 cm choiceUnique-seatingCouch cover
Sofa length between 145-185 cm choiceTwo-seaterCouch cover
Sofa length between 195-230 cm choiceThree-seaterCouch cover
Sofa length between 235-300 cm choiceFour seatsCouch cover

Cup or Corner sofaDon't need to buy2Sleeve covers, the size depends on the line length AA and BB or CC
For example: AA = 200cm, BB = 160cm, you can buy 1PC three sofa cover and 1PC two sofa cover

Package Content:

1 x sofa cover 


There will be a little color difference between the picture and the real object, which belongs to the normal color difference range  

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