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Nano Superfine Fiber Absorbent Towel Bath Towel

Nano Superfine Fiber Absorbent Towel Bath Towel

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Product information:
Size: 70x140cm
Material: Microfiber


This product has a wide range of applications:
⒈Home textiles (no scratches or residues after wiping).
2. Advanced glass cleaning materials.
3. High-end furniture cleaning materials.
4. Advanced metal jewelry cleaning materials.
5. High-end car cleaning materials (no scratches after wiping), can also be used for car film, beauty.
6. TV, computer screen cleaning materials (dust removal, anti-static).
7. Floor cleaning materials.
8. Kitchen cleaning materials (rags).
9. Toilet cleaning materials.
10. Highly absorbent cleaning towels (warp-knitted, weft-knitted), wipe with water after washing the face.
11. Wipe the towel with high-grade absorbent.
12. Beauty cleansing material to absorb residual dirt in pores.
13. Advanced shower caps, bathrobes (warp and weft knitting), pet bath towels.

Package Content:

1*bath towel

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