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Anti-drowsiness Reminder Safe Driving Assistant Snooze Alarm

Anti-drowsiness Reminder Safe Driving Assistant Snooze Alarm

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Product information:

Product name: car reminder, driver's sleepy reminder, sleepy alarm
Product colors: Black, Blue, Pink, White, Yellow
Product size: Packing: 11.5x7.5x1.5cm Product: 5x6x1.5cm
Product material: environmentally friendly ABS plastic + metal electronic components
Product weight: 25 grams

Instructions for use:

Electronic balance type anti-drowsiness alarm, a device that is worn on the driver's ear and made using the principle of electronic balance. When the driver may feel drowsiness while driving and the head is tilted down, the device will send out an alarm to wake up the driver to cause alertness, stimulate the central nervous system, and eliminate drowsiness, thereby avoiding traffic accidents.

Packing list: Reminder*1

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